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Crypto.com, a leading cryptocurrency platform, offers a range of benefits to its users with the Ruby Card. This article highlights the advantages of owning a Crypto.com Ruby Card and how it enhances the overall crypto experience.

Exclusive Crypto.com Arena Access

Crypto.com Ruby Card Benefits


Crypto.com understands the importance of secure storage for cryptocurrencies. That's why Ruby Card users have the added benefit of choosing a secure crypto wallet. This ensures that their digital assets are protected against potential threats and hacking attempts. Discover more about the significance of secure crypto wallets here.

Access to NFTs and Crypto Trading

One of the key benefits of the Crypto.com Ruby Card is its exclusive access to the Crypto.com Arena. This state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venue is the new hub for all things crypto-related. From concerts to sporting events, Crypto.com cardholders get priority access and exclusive perks at this cutting-edge facility. Learn more about the Crypto.com Arena here.

Earn Cashback in Crypto

As a Ruby Cardholder, you gain access to the exciting world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency trading. Crypto.com provides a comprehensive platform for users to explore and invest in NFTs, opening up new opportunities for asset ownership and digital collectibles. Learn more about the difference between NFTs and cryptocurrency here.

Additional Perks and Benefits

Besides these key highlights, the Crypto.com Ruby Card offers numerous additional perks and benefits. Cardholders can enjoy benefits like airport lounge access, zero foreign transaction fees, and exclusive merchant offers. These perks enhance the overall experience of using the Ruby Card and make it a popular choice among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


The Crypto.com Ruby Card provides a range of benefits that enhance the overall crypto experience. From exclusive access to the Crypto.com Arena to earning cashback in crypto, this card offers unique advantages to its users. Additionally, the secure wallet feature and access to NFTs and crypto trading make it a comprehensive and enticing option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Embrace the future of finance with the Crypto.com Ruby Card and unlock a world of possibilities.

With the Crypto.com Ruby Card, users can earn cashback in cryptocurrency on all their card purchases. This unique feature allows cardholders to accumulate their favorite cryptocurrencies while making everyday purchases. Whether it's groceries, travel expenses, or online shopping, earn rewards in crypto and stay ahead in the digital asset game.

Enhanced Security with a Secure Wallet